Buying used items and how to get over it


Several reasons would make you stop buying used items. The unpredictable malfunctions, weird smells or bedbugs are some of these reasons. However, buying used products also comes with several advantages. Not only do you save money, but you also contribute to the greater cause of saving the universe by reducing clutter. This idea also helps to curb consumerism, a habit in the current world. In this article, we take a look at how to get over buying used items.

Buying Used Items is less expensive

When it comes to cost, used items have two advantages. Not only do you get to save money, but you also get to buy more for the same amount. Most times, used items would retail at half the price of the new product. This means that you get to save half of your money. Alternatively, the rest of the money could purchase another item. This translates to having more goods for less.

Buying Used Products reduces pollution

It is well known that the production process is one of the most significant pollutants of our time. Whether it is a cotton shirt or a motor vehicle, the number of emissions released during the production process is ever on the rise. A great way to curb this is by reusing items. Buying used items means that production of these things goes down. Therefore, the number of emissions is reduced.

Used items will support your local economy

One of the highest incentives of buying a used item is supporting your local economy. If you are purchasing a used item from a neighbor or a friend, the money will go directly to helping them. This concept is also beneficial to people supporting good causes. The money spent in buying the items is directly channeled to the poor, sick or needy in the society. Most people selling used items are small shops and not big corporations.

There’s no packaging with used products

Another significant advantage to buying used products is that they don’t come with packaging. New products will often come with plastic or nylon packaging that you will have to deal with. It usually is difficult to recycle these items. Most times, you will have to dispose of them. On the other hand, a purchase from a thrift shop or a hand me down from your friend will not come with the burden of packaging.

Used products don’t take up new resources

In any production process, there are new resources that are spent. A new cotton shirt will have to have cotton from the field. A new car will have to incorporate metal. All plastic things will have to be made from oil that is obtained from the earth. These processes translate to a lot of resources being spent in production. On the other hand, buying used items is an excellent way of reusing the resources that have already been spent.

When deciding to make a purchase, several things would make you stop buying used items. However, the reasons above should make you inclined to purchase them.

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